20mW 808nm Infrared Laser Pointer

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20mW 808nm infrared laser pointer is available in portable pen style and invisible infrared beam. This is an easy operable laser that is applicable in military armies, scientific departments and government agencies. This special infrared light source IR laser has got great functions in high tech fields.

20mW 808nm Infrared Laser Pointer

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  • 20mW 808nm Infrared Laser Pointer
  • 20mW 808nm Infrared Laser Pointer
  • 20mW 808nm Infrared Laser Pointer
  • 20mW 808nm Infrared Laser Pointer
  • 20mW 808nm Infrared Laser Pointer
  • 20mW 808nm Infrared Laser Pointer


The pen style 20mW 808nm infrared laser pointer allows you to carry and operate easily in all application occasions. This FDA approval infrared laser makes great contributions in military, industrial and medical fields. This excellent laser is playing good impression to professionals in beacon and illumination aspects.

Qualified laser with stable performance. 808nm infrared laser pointer adopts aluminum body material and inner cooling system, assures its high stability and reliability in various operations. It allows a long lifetime of more than 8000 hours. It is a totally worth purchase laser.

● Great laser with multi functions. 20mW 808nm infrared laser pointer projects unique invisible infrared light source, has got numerous applications as a solid state laser pumping, medical treatment, beacons and illumination etc. This is also a functional laser applicable in free space communication, distance measurement in military, laser weapons and scientific research etc.

Technical Parameters:

Name Infrared Laser Pointer
Wavelength 808nm
Beam Color Infrared
Output Power 20mW
Laser Class IIIb
Transverse mode TE00
Range in darkness (m) 100-1500m
M2 factor <1.2
Beam dIVergence, full angle (mrad) <2.5
Beam Diameter at Aperture (mm) <2.8
Spectral Line width (nm) <0.1
Polarization Ratio >100:1
Warm-up Time (minutes) <0.5
Operation Temperature (℃) 10~30
Storage Temperature(℃) -10~+50
Laser Material Aluminum
Expected Lifetime (hours) 5000 hours
Laser Head Dimensions (D×L, mm) Φ14mm×171mm
Cooling System metal heat sink
Operating voltage(VDC) 2×AAA batteries
Warranty time Six Months

Packing List:
1 Laser pointer
1 Storage Case

The danger of infrared laser is that you cannot see it, and it can hurt your eyes faster than you think.
The laser beam is invisible, so it increases the chance that you look at it closer. Do not look at the laser directly.

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