Highlasers is committed to providing the best quality laser solutions and best customer service in the industry.

Company History

We are honored to have you visit the world of High Lasers, a wonderland of laser technology, where you will find comprehensive product selection including not only presentation laser pointer, portable lasers and handheld lasers, but also industrial applicable laser alignment series, laser module system, laser sight, laser alignment and optical fiber detector for industrial, OEM and scientific applications, and a complete selection of laser accessories including brackets and laser safety goggles.

Highlasers has begun as a supplier of laser device in the year of 2007 in Hong Kong. From the primary laser supplier to hobbyists and amateurs, Highlasers has turned attention to industrial laser equipment in order to meet demands of gradually expanded photonic market.

Technical and Customer Service Support

We pride ourselves on the high quality, high-tech and high-end laser diodes with which have provided our neighborly customers, and you would be rewarded by more pleasing price and convenient service for your frequent check-out, and then pride on what you get, too.

We have excellent technicians to provide you on time technical support and production operation guide, sales representatives to help you find the perfect product for any application, and customer service team provides prompt shipment status update, and offer long time customer service for through the use, operation and repair of the product.

We have superior advantage in offering the most experienced product solution in competitive prices and most convenient customer service on time. It is our permanent mission to offer the best product solution to meet customers’ need in the last 6 years, and we will persist on this issue forever.

To penetrate far into future with the laser equipment of top quality, please do not hesitate to take your one-click step here.

We only wish you the best of happiness and satisfaction in finding the right laser that matches your unique style best.

We're always open to our customers' personalized requests and we'd love to hear from you! Simply contact us at [email protected], we offer one business day email service for you.


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