100mW Red Portable Laser

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100mW red laser pointer makes the new creation of 635nm laser diode technology. This high power red laser projects the brightest 635nm gorgeous red beam and light spot, provides you a full control of the brightest red laser beam and light spot in distance of 5000 meters in the wide. This FDA approval 635nm red laser generates the most powerful beam in scientific research, industry, military, and medical treatment etc.

100mW Red Portable Laser

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  • 100mW Red Portable Laser
  • 100mW Red Portable Laser
  • 100mW Red Portable Laser
  • 100mW Red Portable Laser
  • 100mW Red Portable Laser
  • 100mW Red Portable Laser


100mW red laser pointer emits the most brilliant 635nm gorgeous red beam and spot. This genuine and pure red laser projects the most powerful beam with maximum range visible beam of at least 5000 meters in darkness. It is a lithium battery operated portable laser that holds on an extremely long pointing life in all kinds of situations.

● Genuine 635nm red laser with purest red beam. This 100mW red laser pointer projects the most genuine 635nm laser beam and light spot. This unique red laser is at least two or three times as bright as 650nm lasers.

● Lithium battery operated laser with long serving life. This Lithium battery operated 635nm red laser with innovative design obtains the most powerful beam and stability in continuous operation. The inner metal heat sink thermal control design assures its stable and reliable pointing in all situations.

● FDA approval safe design. 635nm red laser pointer utilizes dual safety control designs of power switch key and remote connector key to ensure the most stable performance in works. This Class IIIB laser performs best in high power pointing, medical care, military and scientific fields etc.

Technical Parameters:

Name Red Laser Pointer
Wavelength 635nm
Beam Color Red
Output Power 100mW
Laser Class IIIB
Transverse mode TE
Range in darkness (m) 5000-8000m
M2 factor <1.2
Beam divergence, full angle (mrad) <3.0
Beam Diameter at Aperture (mm) <2.5
Spectral Line width (nm) <0.1
Polarization Ratio >100:1
Warm-up Time (minutes) <0.5
Operation Temperature (℃) 10~30
Storage Temperature(℃) -10~+50
Laser Material Aluminun, coated
Expected Lifetime (hours) 8000 hours
Laser Head Dimensions (D×L, mm) Φ38mm×205mm
Cooling System metal heat sink
Operating voltage(VDC) 1×18650 battery
Warranty time One year

Packing List:
● 1 laser pointer
● 1 battery charger
● 1 safety key
● 1 power switch key
● 1 suitcase

This is an extremely powerful Class IIIB laser pointer. Never try to stare at the powerful laser beam. Remember to wear laser safety goggles whenever pointing it. Do be cautious with it and enjoy the most awesome gorgeous red light.

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