Laser Safety Goggles 190nm-380nm&600nm-760nm

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The blue lens laser safety goggles will provide the best eye protection solution for high power lasers with wide wavelength ranges of 190nm-380nm and 600nm-760nm. This durable structure laser safety glasses with comfortable frame, will allow you a free and safe view of UV and red lasers in work.

Laser Safety Goggles 190nm-380nm&600nm-760nm

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  • Laser Safety Goggles 190nm-380nm&600nm-760nm
  • Laser Safety Goggles 190nm-380nm&600nm-760nm
  • Laser Safety Goggles 190nm-380nm&600nm-760nm
  • Laser Safety Goggles 190nm-380nm&600nm-760nm


The blue lens laser safety goggles will bring a perfect and safe protection of human eyes from powerful radiations of UV and red lasers. This laser glasses is applicable for laser wavelength ranges from 190nm-380nm and 600nm-760nm.

This is a broad spectrum continuous absorption laser safety goggles which consists of PC and Australian import special wavelength light absorption material, forming a high efficiency exposure-proof laser protection glasses.

Features of blue lens laser safety goggles:
No choice of light source and incident angle. This laser safety goggles provides secured protection from all diffuse reflection light. Top and Side shield Protection prevents hazardous radiation from all special wavelength lasers and powerful lights.
Fast light reaction and high attendance.
Hardened Polycarbonate Lenses (Resistant to Breaking)
Surface Scratches Do Not Reduce the Optical Density of the Lenses
Laser protection glasses combined with comfortable frame style performance safely and comfortably.
Security properties meeting all the requests of the standard of European CE certified EN 207 compliant.

Protection wavelength: 190nm-380nm, 600nm-760nm
Optical density: OD=4
OD @ Wavelength (nm):
Fourth harmonic Nd: YAG laser:  266nm    0D=5
He-Ne laser:       632.8nm     OD=4    
Ruby laser:         694nm       OD=4      
Alexandrite laser: 755nm       OD=4
This blue lens laser safety goggles also has a perfect shield to dazzling white light in laser operation.    

Packing List:
1 laser safety goggles
1 carrying case
1 piece cleaning cloth

Care Instructions:
When not being used, the blue lens laser safety glasses should be stored in their protective case and in an area where the temperature does not exceed 80 °F (26.6°C). The laser safety glasses can be cleaned using 91% isopropyl alcohol and wiped with a cotton swab.

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