20mW Green Laser Sight 202

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20mW green laser sight 202 creates an extremely visible light spot on targeting area while mounted on weapon systems with a 21mm mount. 532nm green laser is five times more visible than red lasers with same output power, this green laser sight will project a tiny bright light spot on target to enhance the shooting accuracy of handgun, pistols, or rifles. It is an ideal laser sight which will bring you the most visible light spot in great distance or light conditions.

20mW Green Laser Sight 202

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  • 20mW Green Laser Sight 202
  • 20mW Green Laser Sight 202
  • 20mW Green Laser Sight 202
  • 20mW Green Laser Sight 202
  • 20mW Green Laser Sight 202


20mW green laser sight 202 incorporates with the most advanced aircraft used aluminum material and compact inner design, will provide you a stable and high accuracy targeting and position in shooting applications. Mounted on rifles, shotgun or pistols by 21mm mount, this 532nm green laser sight 202 will make your weapon a true hunter in military law enforcement, hunting and other outdoor shooting activities.

Features of 20mW green laser sight 202:
● Great tools with multi applications.
Green laser sight 202 adopts qualified aluminum material and the best inner laser diode, will provide you the most accurate and visible tiny green light spot on object in targeting. It is an ideal targeting tool in military law enforcement, hunting, positioning in various occasions. It will make a perfect pointing while mounted on rifles, shotguns with 21mm mounts.

● Durable structure and precise targeting.
Manufactured from aluminum body material with matt black oxidation finish, this green laser sight 202 is able to maintain especially stable performance in various situations. Green laser is at least 5 time more visible than 650nm red laser, this green laser sight will bring you an accurate pointing and positioning of the target at a great distance of more than 5 miles.

Technical Parameters:

Name Green Laser Sight
Wavelength 532nm
Output Power 20mW
Surface deal Excellent Oxidation deal
Product color Matt Black
Product Weight 200g
Body Material T6061/T6063 Aluminum alloy
Power Stability 2% Model Dependent
Visibility Distance (Yard/m) 2640y/2400m
Pointing Stability (mrad) L 0.005 mrad
Power Requirement 3V-4V
Operating Temperature 10º C ~55º C
Operating Lifetime MTTF at 25º C >30.000 hours
Operating Current ≤ 260mA
Housing Size 90.9×24.8mm (3.58×0.98 inch)
Tube Diameter 19mm (0.75 inch)
Distance Switch Mouse rail switch
Mount Weaver Mount
Mount Width 21mm/11mm
Adjustment Tool 2×Allen wrench
Power Source 1×CR123A/1×16340 Battery
Battery Lifetime 4-6 hours continuous duty
Warranty Period One Year

Packing List:
● 1 Laser Sight
● 2 Allen Wrench
● 1 Mouse Rail Switch
● 1 Mount
● 1 Immovable Switch

● The 20mW green laser sight 202 emits bright laser light and can potentially cause injury to the eyes if not used correctly. Never look into laser or at bright reflections.
● Never aim laser sight or its reflection at an aircraft at any distance! Illumination of aircraft, vehicles etc. It is dangerous! Do not do it.

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